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taking too much time to complete a task, procrastinating, never ending, slow paced.
(office setting/coworkers)
G: Fuck! It's only 10am?
Juan: Yep. Today is dragging balls.

by Madison Ryder February 12, 2008
To take a person by force, into the woods and stab them repeatedly. The blood would spray all over and turn the trees red.
Lyrics from EMINEM's song "Kill You":
Bitch I'm gonna kill you, I ain't done this ain't the chorus
I ain't even drug you in the woods yet to paint the forest
by Madison Ryder November 27, 2005
"OSN!" is an abbreviation for the commonly used ghetto phrase..
"Oh shit nigga!"
Anthony & Cuta were playing XBOX for 12 hours straight when Anthony finally dominated the game and made Cuta wish he had won.
Anthony: OSN! I dominated that game.
Cuta: What is this a contest?
Anthony: In your face!
Cuta: Wish I drove a soup kitchen van.
by Madison Ryder May 28, 2007
the action of being dissed. Stopped from doing something by another person. Denied. cock blocked Promised something only to find out it was given to someone else. To be tricked by another person.
Dude, I was so gonna hang out tonight and bang some yayo and peach vodka tonics, but my man snarfed me.
by Madison Ryder September 07, 2005
Oh my god gay!

Pavle blew his nose and got super dizzy. OMGGAY!
by Madison Ryder May 29, 2007
When a guy is super interested in having a girl toss his salad or play the rusty trombone and he kinda hovers over her face with ass and she has nowhere to escape to.
Madison: Cops like anal play for some reason. Last night when I was with this C.I.L.F..
Peaches Gravy: Which cop? The original one?
Madison: Yes. He wanted a rusty trumbone. I was so not into it. He trapped my face between his thighs and completely face raped me.
by Madison Ryder June 05, 2007
Cop I'd Love to Fuck or Cop I'd Like to Fuck
Officer Odeetull is a total CILF. I can't wait to give him a rusty trumbone later.
by Madison Ryder September 07, 2005

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