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a cat that thinks it is black
Look at that cigger, it must think it is a black cat.
by Sux Flags November 07, 2005
1.a ghetto cigar, sometimes spelled "cigurr."

2.a celtic (irish) person who tries to be black
1.Man, them gangsters be puffin on ciggers.

2.We knew he was a cigger when he started saying "all ME bitches and ME hoes"
by the magical fairy of hugs April 19, 2004
A Caucasian who acts black.
White nigger? Nahh mate, that's a cigger
by BreeDog April 22, 2011
A girl/guy that is a mix of a cunt and a nigger.
"You son of a cigger!" or "Oh you cigger you."
by Bobby Wallace January 16, 2008

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