Something you use to smoke with. In British, cigarettes are called "fags".
Mike (British): Yo dude I just smoked a fag.
Harold (Asian): Yeah I had a cigarette last night too.
Mike: Yeah I love fags.
Tyler (American, just walking in): WTF?
by TheShinyVaporeon May 23, 2012
Cig-a-rette – noun

1. A consumable product used for enhancing appearance and social aptitude. Also causes worries to melt away.

2. A delicious treat demonized in Nazi Germany as a genetic poison to Aryans whilst blaming and marginalizing minorities for their use.

3. The perfect device for relaxation that can help to prevent Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease,
1. Cool smoker 1: That busted chick over there has potential to be a hottie.

Cool smoker 2: I can see that; you should give her a cigarette to fix her.

2. Non-smoker bitch: Hey smoker guy, smoking is bad for you and causes cancer.

Cool smoker guy: Hitler didn’t smoke, and he killed about six million Jews. You don’t hate Jews, do you?

Non-smoker bitch: Oh, well I don’t want to be an Anti-Semite… Mind if I bum one?

3. Pussy: You know; cigarettes kill you, right?

Cool smoker guy: The oldest recorded person smoked from the time she was 21 to the time she was 117?

Pussy: Huh, I didn't know that. I suppose my argument is debunk.

Cool smoker guy: Well then, GTFO pussy.
by CoolSmokerGuy March 06, 2010
The very evil and wretched thing that took away my grandfather when I was just 7 years old!
I watched my grandfather die of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, and it is something I don't want happening to me or anybody else I care about. Go ahead and rate me down all you want! Just know that I am just speaking from experience, and that the ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down will no affect me at all!
by MetalHead16 October 21, 2010
Smokable cancer that is much needed to survive without doing something completely insane. Also, there is never enough at hand.
Dammit, I only have half a cigarette left.
Newports are the best cigarettes.
by Bitttchhh January 18, 2010
Joints for pussies.
Wow look at that douchebag wasting his money on a cigarette pack, that shit doesn't even get you high and makes you stink and then die, stick a J in his mouth asap.
by steeeeeeeeeeeeve December 12, 2012
A woman with no all...and not only does she not have a shape her face looks like a butt..all u can do with her is smoke her, put her out, and then toss her in da garbage.
look at that girl, she looks like a cigarette, a friggen marlboro gold.
by Kerrey August 01, 2007
Tobacco rolled in a paper usually w/ a filter and smoked. Marlboro's are good and most of the rest aint that good. i only smoke 1-2 a day, at max 4. i do it socially, when im cold or bored. this way isnt that harmful but when u smoke a pack a day thass bad.
If someone smokes it might not be b/c there trying to be "cool" like everyone says, like me and my friends smoke socially b/c were bored,theres nothing else to do.
I like Marlboro Reds or lights, but ultra lights feel like ur not even smokin. oh ya and i gotta use the word i defined so here it is: cigarette
by Ranger Rimjob February 17, 2006
--- The very articles of addiction and death that are robbing me of one of my favorite friends, his wife of her husband, his children of their Dad and him of the rest of his life.

--- The things I will never again pick up for the rest of MY life and I will attempt to slap out of the mouth of every person I know and love.

--- Cigarettes, What ignorant people in all their infinite wisdom refer to when they say "I know they're gonna kill me and I don't give a fuck." Yeah asshole? Well, you're mother gives a fuck, your friends give a fuck, your children, your sister, and when the day comes and cancer is rotting away your insides and your life and you're clinging desperately on for a cure YOU TOO WILL GIVE A FUCK!
by Sarah Beane May 06, 2008
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