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A loose cigarette or "loosie" is a single cigarette purchased at the store for usually between 10 cents to a quarter.
I'm broke so I puffin a loosie while waiting for my welfare check.
by lil' money August 07, 2003
a single ciggarette usually bought at a stand on the street. in nyc: between 25-50 cents. this is illegal but some places do it anyway.
"yo lets go smoke a loosie."
by Polina March 08, 2005
Single cigarettes bought in Detroit (or any urban area) off of gas station workers. Usually .50 cents each, the logic is that if a worker takes a pack, smokes half and then sells half he makes his $5.00 back that the pack would've cost him.

Also a safer way for gas stations to sell to minors, since the kid can just throw the cigarette on the ground when the po-po rolls by, and not have a pack on him.
Shit man, I only got a single, let's go get some loosies.
by you knowwwww February 15, 2007
a loose cigarette purchased from a store. In NYC they cost 75 cents anywhere that still sells them because anything less and they'd make no money. Illegal but stores in the hood still sometimes carry them. Certain stores even have a codeword for them such as asking for "a piece of candy"
I'm dying for a cigarette but I'm broke. I guess I'll go get a loosie from that bodega.
by Billiam Ballace June 02, 2011
A song not included as part of an official release, often uploaded to the internet for free download.
Drake has a new loosie up on Soundcloud and it's dope!
by DrRoy1 September 09, 2015
a loose pussy, or the girl that possesses the loose pussy
-I swear that girl had such a loosie that I didn't even nut.
-That loosie looks like she just got railed by Shaq.
by Garfield_Penis August 05, 2015
A blowjob given to someone from a chicken head.

Made popular by Dave Chapelle's "I Know Black People" skit.
I went to the corner of 5th and Washington to find a girl to give me a loosie.
by Don K March 20, 2006
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