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the most cutest, nicest, funniest, smartest girl you'll ever meet. if you find yourself a chutney..you really are lucky
hey, i want a girl like chutney
by camronelijah March 15, 2010
11 24
v. To push one's testicle into the anus and remove in a rapid motion creating a combination pop/suction sound.
Damn, she looks good enough to chutney. I'd sure like to give chutney her.
by Ahab the Whaler May 25, 2006
32 62
1. poop
2. crap
3. anything with a foul odour and is all mushy
1. ah who is taking a chutney in there?!
2. see 1.
3. see 1.
by zacchaeus August 15, 2005
17 49
a gorgeous chunky woman
That Dawn French is a fabulous bit of chutney
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
5 37
n. the space between a man's testicles and anus

see also: grundle, taint
After I ran a mile I sure did have a lot of cleaning to do in the chutney area.
by Sat Shenoy May 03, 2004
7 40
1. Adj. Complete and utter.

2. Idiot, dick.
1. I don't like him much. He strikes me as a chutney fool.

2. What a chutney!
by Davo March 03, 2004
4 38
A woman`s prosterior nook/cranny
Ahhhhhhh I`d love to do Nandi`s mom up the chutney
by Uber caMeL! September 14, 2003
9 43