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Wise beyond reason
"hey you know that new kid in class that is super smart?"

"ya that is one Nandi kid"
by Pseudonymname August 19, 2013
a nickname given to someone who is devoid of the priviledge to enter and hence remains outside;
with due respect to Indian mythology Nandi (Shiva's bull) is always standing outside every shrine of Shiva that one would come across throughout the country, enduring the severity of nature and humiliation of mankind.
1. Not happy with the woman he was forced to marry, John became a NANDI
2.Saumik was invited to Rony's birthday party, not being able to see him, everyone was waiting... so was NANDI (...just outside)!!
3. Nandi goes to heaven and meets St. Peter in the gates of heaven. St. Peter greets him, "Hey, whats OUT?"
by StupidSoftwarePersonnels October 18, 2010
When a man gets reeeeally tired after sex or cumming in general. Usually sleeping directly afterwords or becoming completely inactive
"After sex my husband pulled a Nandi and was already asleep when i got back from the kitchen."
by Topsy Kret March 29, 2010
Nandi The Bull.
Its a typical Hindu name given to A bull.
Its worshipped as a Initiator to any kind of work ,Since its a Official Vehicle of Shiva according to HINDU MYTHOLOGY.
Nandi is a Noun.
Usually it can be used to name a Hindu Boy/girl.
Like Nandish is a boy
NANDINI is a Girl
by NANDISH M S October 15, 2006
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