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What Sarge calls the Chupacabra while making fun of grif
Sarge-See these two tow hooks...they look like tusks...and what kind of animal has tusks?
Grif-a walrus
Sarge-son, I thought I told you to stop making up animals. So if anyone has anymore Mythical creatures to name the jeep, Im sticking with bout it grif?
Grif-No sir
Sarge-You sure? come on, bigfoot sir
Grif-Shutup, he doesn't need help
Sarge-Hey simmons, whats the name of that mexican lizard, eats all the goats/
Simmons-Uhh, I believe you are thinking of the chupacabra sir
Sarge-Hey grif...chupathingy...i like it, it has a ring to it
by Mustache Man March 03, 2005
Sarge's pronunciation of chupacabra from red vs blue.
"a chupacabra?" "yeah. chupathingy. i like that. its got a rang to it."
by bad_karma February 16, 2005
One of Sarge's various taunting replies to grif when the warthog's name is brought into question. Sarge>> Command has seen fit to increase our ranks here at Blood Gulch outpost #1. Grif>> Crap. Were gettin' a rookie. Sarge>> That's right, deadman. Our new recriut will be here within the week. But today, We recieved the first part of our shipments from command. Lopez, bring up the vehicle. Simmons>> Shotgun! Grif>> Shotgun! Fuck. Sarge>> May I introduce our new Light Reconassance Vehicle. It has 4 inch armour plating, mag bumper suspention, a mounted machine gunner position, and total seating for three. Gentelmen! This is the M12 LRV. I like to call it the Warthog. Simmons>> Why Warthog, sir? Sarge>> Because M12 LRV is too hard to say in conversation, son. Grif>> No, but why 'Warthog'? I mean, it dosen't really look like a pig. Sarge>> Say that again. Grif>> I think it looks more like a Puma. Sarge>> What in Sam Hell is a Puma? Simmons>> Uhh, you mean, like the shoe company? Grif>> No, like a puma. It's a big cat. Like a Loin. Sarge>> Youre makin' that up.
Grif>> I'm telling you, it's a real animal! Sarge>> Simmons, I want you to poison Grif's next meal. Simmons>> Yes, Sir! Sarge>> Look, see these two tow hooks, they look like tusks. And what kind of animal has tusks? Grif>> A Walrus. Sarge>> Didn't I just tell you to stop makin' up animals?! Later, after Church and Tucker both acree that the Warthog in fact looks like a Puma, also the name of a large cat. Sarge>> So unless anyone has any more mythical creatures to suggest as a new name for the vehicle, were gonna stick with, ',The Warthog],.' How abou it, Grif? Grif>> No, Sir. No more suggestions. Sarge>> Are you sure? How about ,Bigfoot,? Grif>> That's okay. Sarge>> Unicorn?
Grif>> No really. I'm cool. Sarge>> ,Sasquatch,? Simmons>> Lepurchaun? Grif>> Hey, he dosen't need any help man. Sarge>> Phieonix? Hey Simmons, Whats the name of that ,Mexican lizard, eats all the goats? Simmons>> That would be the, uh, Chupacabra Sir! Sarge>> Hey, Grif, chupathingy, how about that, I like it. Got a ring to it.
chupathingy is Sarge's Version of Chupacabra, because he cannot pronounce it. M12 LRV codename Warthog
#mexican lizard #mexican #lizard #bigfoot #sasquatch #warthog #the warthog
by Simmons 2.0 February 04, 2008
Similar to a Cleveland Steamer, but instead of "performing" on the chest, you use the throat and neck instead.
The man felt frisky, and requested his wife give him a Chupathingy to spice things up in their relationship a bit.
#chupathingy #cleveland steamer #hot carl #poop #sex #lude sexual act #anal
by Disney101 June 17, 2009
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