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1. Character from the popular webseries, Red Versus Blue, at www.redvsblue.com. Is in the Red Army, and is ridiculed and ostracized by the other members in his squad. Full name is Dexter Grif.
2. My UD SN
Grif is my favorite character from red versus blue. Watch it at www.redvsblue.com.
by Grif July 05, 2004
verb. To take a grif, this is a process that involves the following: Peeing, smoking, and of course...refilling your beer.

Synonyms: Grift

*may also involve having a quickie, when possible.
"Be right back guys, gotta go pull a grif."
by Candi Apple June 29, 2009
Someone who is not comfortable defining themselves as either male or female; an androgynous person; Usaully queer though not always.
Is that a boy or a girl?
Neither, it's a grif.
by N/A January 27, 2005