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When a guy performs anal sex, cums inside of the person, and then pees. (See lemon meringue.) The person then craps out the conconction, and proceeds to eat it. They then vomit this conconction out, usually all over their partner.
Chunky Monkeys turn me on!
by Tasty69 July 21, 2009
A vagina slightly dark in colour, with massive piss flaps
Yo Brogan I went down on a girl last night. She had a Chunky Monkey.
by Arthwani June 20, 2011
The Phrase coined by the Infamous "Steve Burkemper"..who is most famous for his breakthou creation of one of the most used "Lot term's" know to date...kick down so i can get down ..Steve invented this term on New year's eve 2003 when his sidekick Dave was drooling over one of the two "Dreddy Diva's" know to frequent Greatful Dead type event's....
Dave--- Staring at the Diva.."Yo Steve i wanna hit that."....Steve--"Yo relax man that's a CHUNKY MONKEY......
by Dave Buttox February 08, 2005
One who drinks to the point of reguratation.
It took two hours to clean my car seats after the CHUN_KEY_MON_EEE went drinking with us.
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
The act of when having sex and then you throw up on your partners chest. Some people find it sexual.
Wow last night Alice gave me the best chunky monkey
by ZeeginEwlerStar May 15, 2007
members of the fazed wesite are trying their best to define this word, it is the white lumps that are exuded from some women after menstration
I've really gottaz douche, my pussy smells like the EL tain arounf three thirty.
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
when pushing out the monkey ass you make sure to put it back
omg i almost forgot to chunky monkey that hoe
by tize August 24, 2003