originating from the latin chunkis-monkis 1. One who partakes in genererous amounts of food consumption and engages in overt laziness. 2. A fat ass and/or plump gimp, e.g. Sofie R.
"Sofie, leggo my eggo you chunky monkey...ewwww, that's so gross, waffles weren't meant to be eaten in the nude!"
by Lady MacBeth September 10, 2004
a nickname that a guy gave to his girlfriend cus shes eats alot and her tummys squishy but his is hard:O
boy: " que paso mi chunky monkey"
girl:" hey mi flaco taco" lol
by another chunky-monkey June 22, 2011
Fat penis being rammed into a tight ass.
See John gave Samantha the ol' 'Chunky Monkey?'
by dartron January 10, 2013
1. A Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor featuring bananna flavored ice cream with chocolate chips.

2. A derogatory term for a fat asian-american of the wigger variety.
Yo, that chunky monkey got a badunkadunk but she can bust some funky fresh rhymes
by 457R4L February 03, 2008
some greedy nub, enjoys long walks along the beach with his walrus girlfriends. uncontrollable amounts of laziness seem to have an aura around him. Chunkymonkey usually reins from hebrew descent, but is known to belong to a religion called "Laackmanism".
pronunciation: AA-CHUUNNGAY MuuuNKAI. I was at the beach with a bunch of my friends and i saw this chunkymonkey, but thankfully we got away from it after throwing a cheeto at it.
by ctoucher June 11, 2007
A person, usually a male, who is attracted to other people who are overweight. Similar to a chubby chaser.
Yeah, my brother is a chunky monkey, always chasing fat chicks.
by the other theo June 24, 2004
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