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a fat asian who has at least have three chins
chinese guy: am i fat?
chinese chick: no!
chinese guy: rele how?!
chinese girl: cuz u wud be a chunky instead of a chink
by dokphenom January 21, 2008
4 31
nice, phat, hott, cool, etc.
*a yo dat shit's chunky*
by ->>SaM<<- January 02, 2005
186 105
1. chunky (adj.)- to describe someone as a bit on the plump side; slighty tubby

2. chunk (noun)- a piece of something; a fat person taking a chunk of delicious food.
1. Yo man, look at that chunky monkey over there, hes a peoss homosexual.

2. Yo man, go grab a chunk of dat' shit you fucking fatass.
by BizZ September 03, 2004
205 152
A fat man's breasts or flab, especially around their belly area
Eddie down the road was sunbathing in his garden and as I walked past, I caught a glimpse of his chunkies...YUK!!!
by Doddi September 25, 2007
42 10
Someone that is very awesome can be described as chunky.
Joe Flacco's pancreas is a chunky thing in the world.
by cgdfywqerghre7fgurt8yrty January 14, 2014
1 2
Little Floaty chunks in your drink. You mainly notice them after you already started to drink the drink. milk has chunkys in it...
by Sterhelio July 28, 2004
3 4
Vomiting because of over intoxication its when you're over and vomit
Man, did you see Brit last night at the party?

Yeah! she went chunky at ten, she has the lowest alcohol toleration ever.
by the narwhal June 07, 2011
15 21
medium-sized pieces of poop.
Today I pooped out great hunks of chunkies into the toilet. Boy, how I felt relieved after that constipation.
by Artsy Fartsy May 16, 2008
9 15