chunky = phat = tight = cool = awsome = rad = nice = good...ect
them kickz ez chunky
by j_dub July 02, 2004
Vomiting because of over intoxication its when you're over and vomit
Man, did you see Brit last night at the party?

Yeah! she went chunky at ten, she has the lowest alcohol toleration ever.
by the narwhal June 07, 2011
basicly anything adjetive, noun, verb, adverb... just about anything!
noun- thats a chunk of junk!
verb- lets go chunkin'
adjective- thats chunky!
adverb- thats chunkilishily good stuff
by shamu June 19, 2006
the feeling that one is about to deliver a tramp's breakfast
uh-oh, I must have had a bad pint.
by dan November 26, 2004
To describe any artefact or product which has a particular force/power. Not necessarily gravitational weight, but rather a stylistic achievement which stands out as powerful or accomplished.
"...That track is well chunky..."

"...The Matrix Reloaded was pretty chunky..."
by pseudonym May 29, 2003
lard arse
good god im so fat my arse wont fit on the bog, can i have another craem cake!
by dave timmis April 03, 2003
A skilled english internet gamer. Known worldwide on the lineage 2 servers.
Chunky owned you.
by Dudessssssss February 07, 2010

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