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medium-sized pieces of poop.
Today I pooped out great hunks of chunkies into the toilet. Boy, how I felt relieved after that constipation.
by Artsy Fartsy May 16, 2008
chunky = phat = tight = cool = awsome = rad = nice = good...ect
them kickz ez chunky
by j_dub July 02, 2004
the feeling that one is about to deliver a tramp's breakfast
uh-oh, I must have had a bad pint.
by dan November 26, 2004
lard arse
good god im so fat my arse wont fit on the bog, can i have another craem cake!
by dave timmis April 03, 2003
An adjective that describes a car that shifts roughly or violently, signifying a healthy and long-lasting transmission.
This baby shifts niiice and chunky.
by Laurgasmmm October 19, 2006
basicly anything adjetive, noun, verb, adverb... just about anything!
noun- thats a chunk of junk!
verb- lets go chunkin'
adjective- thats chunky!
adverb- thats chunkilishily good stuff
by shamu June 19, 2006
A skilled english internet gamer. Known worldwide on the lineage 2 servers.
Chunky owned you.
by Dudessssssss February 07, 2010