an extremely obese child, enjoys eating
get off me chunky chin
by ur mam is good July 10, 2008
An adjective that describes a car that shifts roughly or violently, signifying a healthy and long-lasting transmission.
This baby shifts niiice and chunky.
by Laurgasmmm October 19, 2006
a word for an erection
"Man I can't watch this anymore, I'm not getting a chunky in a room full of guys" - J. Shay
by [minority]babz March 30, 2006
it meanns tight ;phat, thro
mann dawg dem forces are chunky
by vicktoria November 18, 2003
a swirly with poo in it
The nerd got a chunky. He wept openly.
by BandGirlGoneBad May 26, 2004
A guy that isn't fat , but his brother being fat and his friends calling his younger brother Chunky Jr, while chunky Jr's friends call him Chunky
hey chunky, wheres my car?
by Andy January 06, 2005
displaying qualities of homosexuality
"i think william is chunky," said ryan
by Claire Lamb August 20, 2006

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