A large obese chinese person. Usually offensive. Comes from the word Chink.
Yo, check out John Kim over there..he ain't a chink..he a chunk!
by Andrewsky March 04, 2003
A fat Chinese person
I call Yao chunk cuz hes a fat ass
by Greg August 22, 2003
To blow chunks. Comes out of your mouth, or rather your stomach.
"Oh my god! He's just blown chunks" or "uh-oh, chunks are coming" or "I'm going to chunk..."
by Steph December 04, 2003
a small to medium sized piece of hashish.

NOTE: When dropped a chunk will do its very best to camouflage with its surroundings. Beware!
"fuck sake man i jist drapped ma chunk!"
by mcc October 15, 2003
A fucked up hair cut.
Guy 1: yo, dawgs... they gave you that chunk doo.
Guy 2: I know, don't talk about it.
by Orest June 10, 2006
*slang*, it means pretty much whatever you want it to mean. i use it to descride something i like similar to the slang word dope.
bill: whats up man im getting pretty bored when is jesus gonna be here?

bob: he should be here any minute

jesus: whats gud you guys i gotta half gallon of captian morgan. haha CHUNK
by drizthewiz June 29, 2009
Derived from "chubby" and "hunk", in the gay world meaning a hot guy carrying some extra weight on him
Since Jack settled down with Dan and started eating regular, he's turned into a real chunk!
by Evan69 December 03, 2007
a little fatty that eats everything that he/she can put his/her hands on, with a noted weakness for cupcakes. Refers to the original chunk from the goonies. The "ginger chunk" is the most dangerous species out there
OMG, that chunk ate all the cupcakes again, what a bitch!
by crazy frenchman77 March 04, 2011

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