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to throw up a peace sign, to give props or say whats up. Or to say goodbye, or to get some ones attention.
chunk duce.
by mike jones March 31, 2004
38 18

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To say 'sup' by throwin out your 2 fingers in a sort of sideways peace sign. Used for all forms of greeting, i.e goodbye, hello, c ya, nice to meet you...
That dude just chunked duce.
by jmay May 22, 2004
52 21
means to ride 22's or is like sayin goodbye ...
chunk duces ... not usually used in a sentence but just as a phrase alone
by lbs December 12, 2006
1 10
to throw your hands up in the air when riding a car to say "wassup?"
Yo, dat nigga just chunk duced us!
by refuze May 07, 2005
16 27