(adj) - Ch-U-M 1)meaning of avoidance and secrecy 2) to put yourself in a state of away to avoid interaction or shared enjoyment
Today he Chummed away in the game, making new characters and not giving names, so he wouldn't have to talk to anyone.
by anothermiss January 18, 2013
To chum
v. The act of a woman ejaculating semen out of her vagina.
John: Oh shit, I'm cumming.
Jane: I'm chumming!
John: Huh?
by Boogie3D December 09, 2015
Pronunciation: \ˈchəm\
Function: Verb

1. A female having her menstrual cycle in water.
While on a boating trip, Sara chummed the water to feed the whales.
by golof March 15, 2010
Smashed up body parts visibly showing guts and crushed up bones

Can be used to cook, throw or bathe in

Chum is used in SpongeBob when plankton owns a resturaunt called the Chumbucket but they use fish chum instead of humans

Seen in the game Happy wheels when someone is killed and smashed
My chum supreme special needs some hot sauce.
by Blues in May 18, 2015
Flirtation that is used to attract a girl.

Chum is bait that is thrown into the water to try to attract tuna fish at sea, so they then will bite a hook.

Chum in the real life sense are flirtatious comments that a guy puts out towards a girl in the hopes that he will "catch her."

See the definition for the word "chumming" for further explanation.
"Ive got some nice chum in store for the party tomorrow night"

"Graham has bad chum"
by FCTunaBoat February 06, 2015
Leftover fecal after a partial toilet flush.
Fecal left in a toilet for the purpose of grossing out the next user, generally in a public facility or done due to lack of home training.
"That nasty bastard chummed the toilet"

"Nothing worse than walking into the bathroom and seeing toilet chum!"
by Joe Max May 22, 2010
A pathetic bitc*
Don't fuc* with her bruh she's a chum
by Odd Crooks -- June 27, 2014

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