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a blunt instrument usually kept next to the front door at a home, or on the passengers seat of one's truck. used mostly in self defense. common items used might include a baseball bat, ax handle, night stick, or a hammer.
i dont feel right driving this truck through this part of town without my trusty nigger beater.
by dave4817 April 27, 2004
a dead animal in the road. result of getting hit by a car or truck, flattened out red and resembling pizza.
dont play in traffic or you could become road pizza
by dave4817 December 04, 2003
cheap cuts of meat pressed into tubular skins. more commonly known as hot dogs, frankfurters, weiners.
im hurting for cash this week, so it looks like its lips and assholes for the cookout tonight. sorry kids.
by dave4817 October 26, 2004
used as a comparison to describe something with other things attracted to or around it.
if you learn how to eat pussy the women will be all over you like flies on shit.
by dave4817 October 26, 2004
1.noun. derived from the old english 'festival of slop'.
2. mcdonalds, burger king, taco bell, wendys, pizza hut, jack in the box, hardees, 7 eleven, kfc, country buffet, or any similar fast food establishment.
Q: where would you like to dine this evening darling?

A: i only gots 5 bucks, so it will have to be the slopfest.
by dave4817 December 04, 2003
someone from new york or new jersey and uses the word 'summer' as a verb. derived from the legend that they hang from straps on the subways.
come june all the straphangers will be coming back to summer on the island.
by dave4817 November 23, 2004
an employee of gentle manner farm, in frankfort
baling hay is a lot of work for one guy. perhaps we could find a yahoo or 2 to help.
by dave4817 July 10, 2008

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