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A gay friend; a friend who likes the sploodge.
Mike and Chance are good chums. They like to knob slob.
by pylorns January 27, 2004
how to dispose of a dead body
the sharks ate the chum right up and we are now free. the body will never be found
by andrew May 23, 2003
A reference to the menstrual discharge that a woman emits during her period. AKA Period blood
I was fucking this girl when she was on the rag the other night and when I pulled my dick out, it was covered in that nasty whore's chum.
by MochaUGA September 07, 2006
Crap, poo, faeces etc
Damn i stepped in some dig chum.
by MunkeeChum February 28, 2003
when the semen is bloody
"Man, I really liked him til I saw his nasty chum."
by Gina January 19, 2003
A slang term for an Indian(Native American) originated in Wisconsin. Apparently thought of because of how Indians pronounce the "um" sound. Short for Chummy.
Look at those damn chums over there trying to spear a buffalo!
by Fighting Trout September 01, 2006
1. Of or pertaining to the anal region--especially when related to sexual activity.

2. The butthole.

Chum Chumming said to Chum Two: Eat my chum!
by Chum Chumming September 27, 2007