"Yo, you got any chum?"
by tomlikesboys March 10, 2009
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a person who is your friend and a groupie; chumalicous
Hey! what up chum?!
by Coolie January 03, 2004
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1. Of or pertaining to the anal region--especially when related to sexual activity.

2. The butthole.

Chum Chumming said to Chum Two: Eat my chum!
by Chum Chumming September 27, 2007
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A slang term for an Indian(Native American) originated in Wisconsin. Apparently thought of because of how Indians pronounce the "um" sound. Short for Chummy.
Look at those damn chums over there trying to spear a buffalo!
by Fighting Trout September 01, 2006
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Upon watching the hot babe walk by, Johnny immiediately headded into the bathroom to chum his trout.
by Scott July 31, 2004
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Smashed up body parts visibly showing guts and crushed up bones

Can be used to cook, throw or bathe in

Chum is used in SpongeBob when plankton owns a resturaunt called the Chumbucket but they use fish chum instead of humans

Seen in the game Happy wheels when someone is killed and smashed
My chum supreme special needs some hot sauce.
by Blues in May 18, 2015
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when the semen is bloody
"Man, I really liked him til I saw his nasty chum."
by Gina January 19, 2003
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