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dangerous STD contracted by engaging in sexual contact with a native
Blake contracted a nasty case of chuggins from banging the indian girl
by some guy from canada August 07, 2006
17 7
a word used to describe an FAT person tryin to walk fast
hey vikki, did you see that fucktard chuggin along the street before?
by kerryjade May 03, 2007
9 4
One who is curvy/junk in the trunk
"that bitch be chuggin"
by Lacey J February 22, 2009
4 1
The definition of a man. Literally the person that you want to see in the mirror everyday. Chuggins makes people look like ants because his cock is so huge.
Chuggins is the man. I want to be just like Chuggins. Dang only if I was Chuggins.
by Chuggaybaybay January 09, 2012
1 3