Top Definition
dangerous STD contracted by engaging in sexual contact with a native
Blake contracted a nasty case of chuggins from banging the indian girl
by some guy from canada August 07, 2006
a word used to describe an FAT person tryin to walk fast
hey vikki, did you see that fucktard chuggin along the street before?
by kerryjade May 03, 2007
One who is curvy/junk in the trunk
"that bitch be chuggin"
by Lacey J February 22, 2009
The definition of a man. Literally the person that you want to see in the mirror everyday. Chuggins makes people look like ants because his cock is so huge.
Chuggins is the man. I want to be just like Chuggins. Dang only if I was Chuggins.
by Chuggaybaybay January 09, 2012

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