Top Definition
adjective, meaning "cute"

noun, meaning "the shit" see also pimp
her cell phone is blowing up! she must be vikki!
by vikki23 July 13, 2004
A spazzy, hyper-active girl. Liked by most people, but has the usuall couple enemies. A girl who has the mind of a male, and loves to make perverted jokes when she can. A lover of games, and the computer, but still very cute.
I swear, Vikki has such an odd personality, but she's so random.
by Kyra? July 27, 2009
An adjective meaning "cute," or in some cases the actual name of a cute girl.
VIKKI is a very hot brown skinned girl in the OC who dont know how cute she is. n how much she is loved
by asdfsdf6482 August 22, 2006
Vikki, the most amazing girl that anyone will ever meet. Utterly stunning to the point where you can't speak. Perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect body. Just one glimpse of her beauty and you're captivated.
Me: Ho shit! That's Vikki! Damn she is fiiine!

Damon: I really don't care, I'm gay, remember?
by Markus Cardenas June 10, 2009
If you ever wanna know the defintion of perfection then Vikki is one of them. She is always putting other people before herself. Shes kind hearted and is always supportive whenever your down. She is extremly beautiful with the most gorgeous flock of hair and along with that the cutest smile ever. There is a particular Vikki who is outstanding, who will never let you down and will be a best friend to you as long as you give her the chance.
whats this amazing girls name?

Her name is Vikki
by theman07 October 11, 2012
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