A chav (somone who thinks they rule all humanity) crossed with a gumpus that thinks they're rude and hard. They're probably not. A female chude will probably be wearing heavy eyeliner, a scowl and carry a burbury handbag. A male will have a TN cap on, be standing outside shopping centres and shouting abuse. They usually hang in big packs. It's for protection, in case a REAL rude comes along and starts talking to them. This would scare them and they would run away and hide. If you or someone you love has been in contact with a chude, don't worry. They are losers.
Chude:Haha! That girl is wearing no eyeliner. Ha! What a chav
Real rude:Hey what you doing?
Chude: Er...Nothing. (scurries away.)
Rude: Oh! I just met a chude.
by Tiffin May 13, 2005
When you are uncertain whether a person is a chick or a dude, this is what they are called.
"Man is that a guy over there?" "naw man thats a chude."
by Phùng Minh Chữ December 28, 2011
A dude who acts like a chick
Guy (to girl) - Your eyes are of a pleasent shade of majorelle blue tonight. They remind me of my new prada man bag.
Girl (to guy) - You're totally acting like a chude right now.
by Chill Nigga August 23, 2008
2.casuing more discomfort than pleasure
3.used up, or damaged past desirable use.
(1. or 2.)That party we went to last night in Albuquerque without electricity was chude.

(3.,1.) Brah, there is no fuckin way im going to rent these chude skiis from this chude shop.
by Dreeks August 26, 2005
A chick, a female, who looks and/or wants to be or prefers looking like a male, a "dude" - a Chick/Dude...a CHUDE
Did you see that Chude?! I totally loved that mullet!
by grievous angel April 26, 2010
A penis that is 25 feet wide and 1 mm in length.
omgwtfbbq steve has a chude.
omg i just got banged by a chude, it hurt.
by BR D3M0N April 07, 2009
1) n. A man pretending to be a woman. The conjunction of chic and dude the result of which is a chic-dude or chude. Literally a man-woman.

2) v. prog. The act or process of partnering with a man-woman.
There's this bar downtown that's loaded with chudes.

I'm only a few sakes in and I'm chudin' up already!

by FlyingShark May 21, 2007
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