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A person that, when you first glance at them, you can't tell whether it's a chick or a dude.
"Check out that chude over there... $50 says it's a dude."
"No way, it's a chick... I'll take that bet."
by sxdavey May 11, 2012
The expulsion of air from the anus during homosexual anal sex.
I was pounding him up the poop shoot, and he let out a nasty geef.
by sxdavey January 10, 2012
A combination of "labia" and "retard" used to describe someone who is just north of douchebag and just south of cunt.
Stop pissing on the side of that restaurant, you fucking labitard.
by sxdavey January 10, 2012
The hair, somewhat resembling a goatee, left around a woman's vagina after shaving their pubic region improperly.
I went down on that chick, and she was sporting a fairly thick putee.
by sxdavey January 10, 2012
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