CHUDE = A chick in the process of becoming a dude.
CHASE: I'm a chude. I take 5 shots of testosterone a day. I have the testosterone level of a 16 year old boy. Hey, what the fuck are you lookin' at ASSHOLE?!

GOLDEN: Hey chude, don't get teste with me. Obviously you can't handle all that testoterone the doc is giving you. You better have him cut back a shot or two. If you start a fight with me that testosterone won't help you chude. Calm down. Peace. Let's be friends.
by Dr. Wright, turning gay people February 23, 2009

Simple Definition: A chick who looks like a dude.

A woman who would otherwise be pretty but has morphed into a half-man, half-woman person, usually marked by short manly haircuts, men's clothing, wallet instead of a purse, a low unwomanly voice, etc; who commonly confuses people because they can't figure out her gender.
"The FedEx driver who delivered my package this morning was a chude! At first I saw her from behind and I thought she was a dude, but she was most definitely a chude."

Note: This was a true story that happened to me this morning, April 17th 2008. My FedEx driver was a transsexual woman who looked like a man, and I coined the term almost immediately afterward.
by Dr. Brandon V. April 17, 2008
A modern version of of a she-male.
I can't believe it, I found out that the hooker I slept with was really a chude!
by Kkgimp September 16, 2007
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