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A Chudd is similar to a trendy tool. Often times you will see a Chudd dressed more flamboyant than his date. Chudds typically wear jeans with large white stitching and extravagant rear pockets. There choice of footwear generally consists of dress shoes with over sized pointed toes. A Chudd must, is a T shirt with the Ed Hardy, Affliction, or TapouT logo. Chudds top off there costume with a hair style known as the fohawk.
Yo dude look at that hot ass bitch with that chudd
by chuddbaby January 09, 2010
1) The act of chudding
2) When someone messes up
3) A crap-like object
4) ...
Michael, there is some chudd on your face. -OR-
Michael, stop chudding. -OR-
Michael, way to chudd all over yourself -OR-
Michael is a chuddinator. -OR-
Michael, you are such a chudd-muncher.
by The Chuddinator January 22, 2007
A chudd is a shit with the physical shape of a chode.
Bonquisha shat out a chudd; it was extremely hot.
by Mission Popscicle September 12, 2012
Greasy ass New York Italians who give you shit like they are such slick ass big timers, but really they are just fat insecure slobs who work at an auto repair shop.
"Then the chudd's came..."

"Oh of course you'll hate New York if all you do is focus on the pimps and the Chudds"
by Bangerlivas April 29, 2009
A Dookie, or large piece of crap.
I pinched off a nice meaty Chudd in the urinal just now.
by beanage October 14, 2006
The Mix of blood, cum,feces, lube and or spit, built up inside the anus during intense anal intercourse
Marks gaping butthole was spaying chudd.
by DirtyDustin January 22, 2009
A heavy, large chunk of wood used as a target for throwing knives, etc.
Also the sound made as the sharp object (Combat knife, BBQ Tool etc) hits the wood. "Chudd!"
A person who steals such wood for this purpose is sometimes known as a "Chudd Goblin"
Fuck, someone stole my firewood last night - Goddamn Chudd Goblins!
by Meow Bunny October 24, 2010
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