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4 definitions by Bangerlivas

A T-shirt company with absolutely no dignity or real sense of business prowess whatsoever. They merely take any quotable line from a movie, tv or pop culture scene and place it on a basic teeshirt, thus attempting to take advantage of the stupidity and consumption need of the average human, having them spend $15 on something that impresses no one and merely helps them stand out as "don't talk to me, I suck."
snorgtees are a tshirt that quotes a line from 'The Office' and makes unearned profits from it.
by Bangerlivas April 30, 2009
A baseball team that earns nothing in the 84 years it takes them to win a world series, as well as being a load of overpaid lucky players, who then accuse a rival of being overpaid themselves, thus contradicting themselves. They have not really earned any of the titles they have earned and are merely a product of a bored media that needed a way to create buzz between the winningest team in sports and a seeming "rival", though statistically it is clear that there is none. Their fans are a large bandwagoning group of chowder consuming baby rapists who desire nothing more than to eat their own young after raping them and will mary no one unless at least their cousin but preferably their siblings or parents. They prefer the logo of a pair of filthy sox over the first letter of the city they represent. They are more commonly known as the Red Sux and "The Nation" ignoring the fact that an empire is larger than a nation, proving even further that not only is Boston less educated but also willing to concede the fact that they are nothing compared to New York and the Yankees.
"Man did you see the Red Sox loss last night."

"Yeah I didnt think anyone could hype up an 11-1 loss like that but those espn announcers sure did."
by Bangerlivas April 30, 2009
Hella sick! Very gnarly or just plain great. Mostly used for skateboarding but can be used in the work place or class room to describe great moments.
"Jordan you got a 72 out of 70 on this test."

by Bangerlivas April 29, 2009
Greasy ass New York Italians who give you shit like they are such slick ass big timers, but really they are just fat insecure slobs who work at an auto repair shop.
"Then the chudd's came..."

"Oh of course you'll hate New York if all you do is focus on the pimps and the Chudds"
by Bangerlivas April 29, 2009