curvacous and beautiful... the way god meant both women and men to be
miss maggie likes a nice chubby man
by maggie bear January 03, 2007
A partial erection, a semi-on.
"Dude, just chatting with rofettes gives that 3-ducks a chubby"
by The Human League February 28, 2007
Your penis that when you stand up, it still lays down on your nuts, but its bigger than normal.

A chubby isnt when you stand up and your dick pokes out.
guy stood up and his thang was longer than normal, but still didnt go out from his body. Chubby.
by Droof. December 16, 2010
its in the middle of an erection/hard on and your regular dick size. In Other Words, its as if your penis is indecisive about getting up. usually happens when a girl is grinding on you or any other "sexual dance"...
man: Whoa I popped a chubby when that girl showed me her tits .
friend: Lucky you because i jizzed myself . . .
by random guy' January 17, 2011
A penis in the physical state between flacicity and erectility.
You know, kinda hangin' in there.
"Just relax, dude. It'll go back down to a chubby in a minute."

"Oh, wait, here we are. We got a chubby, here. Almost up. Gimme a sec. There we go."
by DGonzie March 18, 2009
Mesh nylon athletic shorts that are worn several sizes too small, and therefore accentuate the male crotchetal region.

-Derived from the term "chubby" referring to a partially erect penis.

-Extreme cases of blatant undersizing may result in male cleavage exposure.

"There goes Mike, sporting his chubbies around the dorm again."

"Oh c'mon, Mike, you know chubbies are not included in casual dress attire."

"Yeah, Mike scared the neighbors again last night when he came out wearing his chubbies."
by JesterMario September 28, 2005
What I call my cock when I talk to it.
down chubby that's not real play!
by dwass51 February 20, 2009

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