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An erect penis. Usually happens after seeing a sexy girl.
"you got a little chubby goin' there"
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
63 100
a statement of being full
i can't believe we ate all that food, im hella chubby
by tonka man November 20, 2007
18 57
a stubby asain with a condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to such an extent that health may be negatively affected
Nina Is Chubby
by GRNXRivera March 30, 2009
7 47
a boner, hard on, erection.
Dude, i just got a chubby looking at Jessica Simpson in "The Dukes of Hazard"
by RickyWill September 18, 2007
28 69
A state one reaches when his pockets are full n deep, eatin bread n lovin it
yo that mofo's lookin chubby
by namers73 May 13, 2007
16 60
A small purple frog-like creature. Very friendly to humans.
Those two chubbies were homping themselves like there was no tomorrow.
by Pyroclasm December 29, 2003
27 71
a joint, i.e. marijuana cigarette.
I'm packin' a righteous chubby, whacha say we pop outside and puff the mo'fo'?
by Spoon July 22, 2003
17 63