one whose belly sticks out farther than their man boobies
dude, your chubby.
by wonkaman March 13, 2012
What I call my cock when I talk to it.
down chubby that's not real play!
by dwass51 February 20, 2009
Something you say to someone who is your best friend, you care about or love.
Me: You see that girl over there?
You: Yeah?
Me: That's my chubby!!!
by Tueblue3222 May 30, 2011
bitches. When entering the word bitches into a Sony Ericsson W810, the T9, auto-corrects the term to chubbies.
Yo whats crackin chubbies. Damn Chubbie, why you sweatin me. Damn, I'd hit that chubbie.
by Yeager.Bomb April 20, 2008
To PWN someone with a nade, or any explosive device that leads to the death of the opponent or victim

Fabulous: Throw a nade man!! Waffles!

Dude: Here we go *throws nade*

*enemies blow up*

Dude & Fab: CHUBBIES!!!
by Fullmetal Fabulous August 05, 2006
A sexy man who is larger than average.
He usually has a larger than average belly, a thicker frame, puffy cheeks, and an adorable smile.
Look at that chubby! Hold up, I gotta go get me some of that!
by B-Love January 23, 2004
Game where the objective is to call out "Chubby" when you see a Mitsubishi Express van. If you see a van that is of the same type but not a Mitsubishi, then it is not a chubby. Sometimes you call out "Fake Chubby" if it is a van of a different brand.

The aim is to call "Chubby" on a van before another person and call more chubbies than another person.

It is a good game for a long car trip. You may even like to tally points or play where you get to punch someone if you call chubby and get punched if you accidentally call chubby to a fake chubby.
Clive (sees a Mazda van): Chubby!

Dave: Nah man! That's fake Chubby.

Frank (spots a Mitsubishi Express van): Chubby!

Clive: Damn it!
by Slingking June 16, 2011

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