Chubby, puffy, swollen labia majora, known as outer labia/pussy lips chubs
My pussy all chubbed out today after the pounding last night. My chubby hurt.

Are my chubs to fat in these pants?
by chubbychooch October 22, 2015
What I call my cock when I talk to it.
down chubby that's not real play!
by dwass51 February 20, 2009
one whose belly sticks out farther than their man boobies
dude, your chubby.
by wonkaman March 13, 2012
I term which men seem to think gets them out of trouble when their girlfriend/wife asks if their fat.
Girl: My god im so fat

Guy: No your not your just a little Chubby

Girl: What?!? why would you say something like that
I want a divorce!
by Rebecca Mullins April 09, 2008
Something you say to someone who is your best friend, you care about or love.
Me: You see that girl over there?
You: Yeah?
Me: That's my chubby!!!
by Tueblue3222 May 30, 2011
bitches. When entering the word bitches into a Sony Ericsson W810, the T9, auto-corrects the term to chubbies.
Yo whats crackin chubbies. Damn Chubbie, why you sweatin me. Damn, I'd hit that chubbie.
by Yeager.Bomb April 20, 2008
To PWN someone with a nade, or any explosive device that leads to the death of the opponent or victim

Fabulous: Throw a nade man!! Waffles!

Dude: Here we go *throws nade*

*enemies blow up*

Dude & Fab: CHUBBIES!!!
by Fullmetal Fabulous August 05, 2006
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