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Someone you wouldn't normally touch with Barna's dick, but if the beer googles set in you'll probably deem them bonejob worthy. Not quite fat, but a layer of blubber will usually cover their entire body. May be used as an acceptable gamepiece when hogging.

*See R. Freeman circa 2004

1. Gerace: "Bro, I love chubblers." Merkent: "Are you fuckin' hammered?"
Hanley: "Jerkasses."

2. "Goodbye, Chubbler." (directed at a pudgy stuffed gopher at the Field Museum in Chicago.)
by Red Freeman August 28, 2004
A cross between chillum and a bubbler.
Have you ever smoked using a chubbler?
by thc September 16, 2004
a cross between a chillum and a bubbler.
Hey that hippie has a sweet chubbler, i hope its packed with some dank G.
by Petie Wheat Straw February 04, 2009
A fat, chubby bitch.
Look at that nasty chubbler.
I would fuck that chubbler.
by Chubbler1 August 12, 2009