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2.Treat Vodka like water
3.One of the world most reknown mafias
4.Sport is hockey
by THC July 11, 2003
A cross between chillum and a bubbler.
Have you ever smoked using a chubbler?
by thc September 16, 2004
a glossy, high end urban area that is still bascially dysfunctional and jaded.
Melrose Place comes to mind. As opposed to a traditional 'ghetto' community that is destroyed by poverty, the golden ghetto's problems stem from excess
by THC July 01, 2004
any spacious compartment or section within a pipe or other smoking instrument
We can store some weed in the chamber.
by thc September 16, 2004
In a circle of smoking companions, a person whose turn takes an unreasonable amount of time.
Quit camping and pass the bowl!
by thc September 16, 2004
Derived from the word shiznit.
Meaning that something is great.
Domo-kuns are the shizn0r.
by ThC April 15, 2004
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