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A condition that exists, while in a drunken state, where a member of the opposite sex appears much more attractive than when sober.
"Dude, I woke up this morning, rolled over, and nearly screamed. I must have had some serious beer goggles last night."
by Sauron974 May 31, 2005
the act of googling a guy or girl you met at the bar when you get home - still wasted
that guy hot but i beergoogled him - he belongs to the china doll collection club
by anonymous February 26, 2004
When a drunk person is searching the internet and accidentally uses yahoo or bing, two of the lesser quality search engines, instead of Google.
I tried to find a night club online last night but I was so drunk I used Beer Googles got the best of me.
by mason26 October 02, 2011
When somebody has a few drinks and suddenly think they know everything. People wearing their Beer Googles are usually compelled by an irresistable urge to share their wealth of knowlegde with anybody who will listen.
Thats not true, pay no attention to him, he is wearing his beer googles.
by TheOneAndOnlyBakker December 31, 2009
Looking for internet porn on Google, whilst pissed.
Me: I got the beer googles last night whilst my bird was asleep in bed.

friend: You knocked one out whilst she was asleep? fuck!

Me: yeah, but I tried to get it over so quick my nob was chafed red raw, I won't be able to have sex for a couple days either.
by Simjimbimalim August 04, 2006
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