hey smart one you spelled chewbacca wrong.
try "chewbacca"
kid 2: get a dictionay. its chewbacca.
by wooooahxspoons May 25, 2009
someone who is unable to stay awake while going out at night
Bro 1: Bro, she fell asleep on the coach again!
Bro 2: I know. She's being chubacca tonight.
by DJ Lucky May 18, 2011
a really hairy man! who's voice is like a richter scale! and is very huge!
Chubacca, you're so stinking hairy, go get ur napps braided!

Chubacca from star wars

Chubacca from C. Springs

Chubacca from Colorado

Chubacca like a sasquatch
by LuVaBLe_SwEeTeA January 01, 2006

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