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The most expensive item in the popular online role playing game, "Runescape" by Jagex LTD.
What they were used for was back in 2001 when they were released, players could "pull" these to get a much sought after "party hat." Since most players pulled them there are only a few left in the game still in cracker form. This explains the very high price of them. They are currently 800,000,000 (eight hundred million)-1,000,000,000 (one billion) runescape coins.
player 1: wow d00d look at my part hat!
player 2:nice but i got a Christmas cracker so there!
by XXX Jeremy XXX November 26, 2006
When you burp and fart at the same time, emitting gas from both ends simultaneously.
1) Andrew ate so much steak that he busted a christmas cracker.
2)Sis is such a glutton that he always has a case of the chrisimas crackers.
3) Excuse me, I just christmas crackered.
by Muchos Gaseous August 28, 2009
Christmas Cracker: adj (seasonal) - a large jagged turd, the product of over indulgance
Desmond took half an hour in the 'smallest room' straining to pull a 'Christmas cracker'
by eddythebastard April 13, 2016
The testicles (from rhyming slang, Christmas crackers = knackers).
Kevin was very excited: Britney had just asked him to show her his Christmas crackers. Two minutes, and a slap round the face later, he was so disappointed when he realised the pop-babe had no knowledge of British rhyming slang!
Contributor's footnote: A merry Christmas to one and all.
by Dunky Oggins December 25, 2003

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