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1. someone who is hates/dislikes christianity.
2. a really really cool song by the industrial band 'wumpscut'
1. c'mon, christfuck, lets go masturbate in that church!
2. 'u had so much to give, u had your time to live,
christfuck! christfuck!'
by seraphim July 22, 2006
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Ultimate blasphemy. Used to express deep disbelief, extreme anger and boiling hatred. Ideal for expressing Sadean atheism and misanthropy. Similar to clusterfuck
"Christfuck, I hate conceited people and this stupid fuckin' world!"
by Dirty Harry December 14, 2004
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3 rectally or vaginally insert a crucifix in to ones self.
2.To totally dismay a Christian by foiling their dogmatic beliefs
3.Term used to display immense frustration
1. Last night Jimmy totally Christ-fucked me.
2.Bobby got Christ-Fucked
3. Oh holy Christ-Fuck! my dick is gone.
by Samhain69 November 09, 2008
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