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A wrong way to spell christian.
you spelled christian wrong.
by Keith April 07, 2004
Gorgeous. Hard to read. The typical "bad boy." Says he likes you then the next day doesn't even look at you. Next day he stares at you constantly and you're thinking to yourself WHAT DO YOU WANT because You don't know what else to do when he stares. Makes you blush. Don't get lost into his intense hazel eyes. Then you won't know what to do after that.
"Why is Christain staring at me?"
Friend: "idk"
by Jedi master November 11, 2013
Most MAMAZING guy ever. the sweetest. all mine. cute funny. can be a jerk and is bi polar. but he only guy for me. the best in bed. is wrapped around my finger cuz he wants to be. The guy im engaged to, the one i will share my life with. smart and is not innocent. Loves his fiance very very VERY much. sexy body, sexxy all around. But other girls who flirt with him will be dead in a heartbeat. is my cuddle bear!
Omg! Christain is the best boyfriend!
by heller_bee October 20, 2010
An adorable little blonde haired teddy bear. It is not uncommon for this seemingly innocent teddy bear to lash out with violent intensity, or sexual rage.
Christain Cizek is a teddy bear.
by Man of Men November 13, 2009
the retarded moral majority
those christians are really just christains

i wonder if pastor jacobs left any christ stains on the alter after choir practice
by stand up and say yeah July 01, 2009
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