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To change ownerchip.

in format: chown <me> <noun>
chown me all of your base.
or, <me> completely chowned all of your asses to <me>.
by nadir September 13, 2003
72 13
The Linux command for "Change the owner and/or group of each FILE to OWNER and/or GROUP." Caution- this has other synonyms!
Tom was chowning on his laptop computer.
by psnack July 05, 2009
11 8
Not just a giant turd, THE giant turd. The coolest person and/or thing an the face of the earth. Unbelievably sexy and irresistible.

Also see chrischown
WOW!! What a Chown!!
by chown July 10, 2008
10 10
combination of the words "your" and "own"; chown.
It is your own fault!
It is chown fault!
by Teehizzle January 12, 2012
1 2
someone who is a clown and a chode.
Dude, that guy who sells us locks is a total chown!
by resor November 04, 2011
2 6
to poop a very large amount and to have the feeling of emptying out your entire stomach
Oh yeah, when we get home I'm sure gonna chown!
by Lisa Krause February 04, 2005
23 72