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Too Many Acronyms.
Ladislav- AFAIK your IMAP is FUBAR and POP is not set to take HTML, while the CFD has NTFS and PC has EXT4. ROTFLMAO! NRN.
Paul- TMA!!
by psnack May 12, 2010
A person who is overly attached to his/her iPhone.
She is such an iphonatic; she takes it into the bathroom. That iphonatic has 200 apps on his iphone.
by psnack February 11, 2009
A large, expensive automobile, usually a sedan. Also Luxo-barge.
My old 1970 Ford LTD performed very well, and would now be considered a luxobarge.
That gangsta has a pimped-out luxobarge to carry his hoes and gym bag.
by psnack February 12, 2009
People who are immigrants, especially from Asia, who may act trendy, haughty and oblivious, yet may have broken english, a distinct accent, unwaveringly hold their cultural attitudes and customs, and do not assimilate well in the US. Orig. "Fresh Off The Boat", and may be affectionate or may be not. Also "Fobbish".
She's so fobish making that Khmer prank call. Wearing that big Nike logo shirt with the sport jacket makes him look fobish. She slurped her rice noodles and then held her fingers in a peace sign for the photo, how fobbish.
by psnack February 11, 2009
An unconventional policy using a flawed interpretation of economics, such as Keynesianism, to print huge volumes of paper money which are not supported by anything except public trust. This policy is apparently used to bail to out failed entities friendly to the politicians in charge at tax-payer expense, and to punish successful enterprises which oppose the unconventional policy.
While plunging the federal economy into massive debt by printing paper money which is not supported by anything except public trust, Blurbnanke continued the rodeo of quantitative sleazing, throwing money at Detroit, banks, and other comrades until the US will be the making us the biggest debtor nation on the planet, but the sheeple still have some credit left and stocks are up, so everything is fine.
by psnack September 30, 2013
A person who is addicted to buying internet domain names. Anyone who owns more than 30 domains.
Lada, the computer geek, is always thinking up domain names and has more than he uses; he's such a domainiac.
by psnack February 24, 2009
A moderately-skilled piano player that believes that all people will be happy if the government forces everyone to have a basic piano and play the piano in his mainstream style, instead of market forces deciding who and what is successful. This results in mediocre music and some exceptionally skilled drummers becoming corrupted and being placed in re-education prisons.
That utopianist teacher would not let me experiment with my jazz style of playing, and the music police came for me.
by psnack May 25, 2010

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