a lazy dumbass who usually sleeps for more than 12 hours a day, never goes to class, drinks more milk than a normal human being should, argues a lot, and loves to collect knives even though they will never be used
What a chow. I've never seen someone sleep so much
by JB Smoove January 23, 2008
cheaper harvest of weed, thats c.h.o.w. it's used to describe a premature crop or when the person harvests the crop to early from it's full maturity (not cutting the plants down at it's full peek).
(on the phone)
eric-"got any kill?"
jerry-"nope, but i got some chow though"
by ninjakid February 26, 2004
Alternate term for vomit.
I don't feel good, I gotta blow chow now.
by hwinked January 19, 2004
weird ass nigga; not in the good way
Omar is a chow.
by IRHTFW March 28, 2015
Irish slang for "chew"

in meaning biting on it but not eating.
"im chowing that"
by SM92 February 13, 2013
A drug made up of of sushi and hasheesh that you roll up and smoke
I was so messed up last night after I smoked some Chow
by noaray January 23, 2008
premature nuggs.
"hey cheech lets CHOW DOWN!"
by hightimesRgoodtimes February 28, 2004

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