Word used by military idiots who fail to distinguish between breakfast, lunch and dinner, and therefore summarize all three with the same word, in order not to confuse themselves.
Private Jones: "Hey, Gomez! You going to the chow hall?"
Private Gomez: "Yep, they got beef burritos today!"
Private Jones: "Gomez! Your a box of rocks"
Private Gomez: "Hoah!"
by dominikandemon May 12, 2003
A word without a definition. Used to describe certain people.
You're such a Chow!
by ChowTown November 07, 2010
food, something edible,
gimme some chow to eat! i'm hungry!
by wolfy_13342 March 04, 2008
hard food. usually meant for horses and other lonely farm animals
Then, i flipped off the rainbow and into the horses CHOW...
by gracy4ever April 03, 2008
Verb: To eat, esp. something good, like pussy. See also chow down.
I'm going to chow down on that tonight, yo.
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
Vu's x boyfriend that turned straight after messsing with him.
Vu loves cack more than chow
by fabio June 09, 2003
Chow HAI
You need to wash your CHOW pat pat
by The man October 18, 2001

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