Vagina, pussy, vag. The female reproductive organ!
"Dude, please tell me you got some chouch tonight?!"

"Stick it up your chouch!"

"I fucked her chouch up"
by judwhutng March 12, 2012
Top Definition
An expression used when one farts
"Oh man i gotta Chouch!"
by Kyle September 25, 2004
3 Chairs Screwed Together To Make A "Chouch"
Dude check out my chouch i made it last night
by PP TOUCHER March 11, 2008
Item of furniture for sitting on. Other objects, such as video games and children, may disappear under chouch if not properly monitored.

It is forbidden to use an article ("a" or "the") when referring to chouch.
Mark: How would you feel if someone hid (your child) under chouch?

Aaron: There is no "a chouch" or "the chouch." Just "chouch."
by Typac Shakur November 20, 2007
combination of a chair and couch.
tonight im going to sleep on the chouch
by aicila March 26, 2007
1. The area of skin between the genitals and the anus aka. the perennium, taint, grundle
Damn, I hate it when my chouch gets chapped!
by Brian A3066 May 18, 2008
1. piece of furniture that is a combination of a chair and a couch for obese people

2. nickname for a fat person that waddles when he/she walks
Oh great....I'm in line at the buffet behind chouch. She always eats all the f*ckin' pizza before I get there!!
by Blizzard January 14, 2005
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