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3 definitions by Blizzard

When something is exactly right.
John: What do you think the score is?

Joe: Guesses the correct score

John: Cock on

Other similar expressions: bang on, dead right, spot on
Opposite of cock up.
by blizzard July 07, 2013
1 0
Someone who cries and sulks about something to the point where they just look gay.
Look at Steve and James bitchin like little women, what a bunch of cry fags.
by Blizzard March 01, 2004
15 18
1. piece of furniture that is a combination of a chair and a couch for obese people

2. nickname for a fat person that waddles when he/she walks
Oh great....I'm in line at the buffet behind chouch. She always eats all the f*ckin' pizza before I get there!!
by Blizzard January 14, 2005
10 73