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incubus song. kicks ass
by Jesska July 13, 2003
the combination of the word chode and douche; insult
by Jesska September 15, 2003
Something that looks good, but tastes horrible. Also used metaphorically.
The new Modest Mouse CD is maple cake to the max.
by Jesska March 24, 2004
Las Jami + 1's record label. It promotes super-indie acts such as Key Lime Pie, Yemmi's Band, Andrea & Her Fat Friends, and Operation Project Theory.
We heard your single, "Insanity" and we think you'd be a great addition to the Maple Cake family.
by Jesska March 24, 2004
A more obscure version of shizzle.
Shazz ma boots!
by Jesska March 24, 2004
jessica and sara are skemo. jessica, being ska. and sara, being emo.
jessica and sara are skemo.
by Jesska February 13, 2005
The worst curse word in French. Oh, it is so bad. Never le say it.
Zut alors! I have missed one!
by Jesska March 24, 2004

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