For a woman to give a man oral sex.
Man i got chopped by this one female it was hella bomb!
by Kir'stie May 26, 2005
Marijuana that is ready for packing into your cone piece.

Comes from putting the marijuana and the tobacco into a bowl and using scissors to "chop" it.
"damn man, I am starting to come down, pass us the chop will ya?"
by MillerMan January 16, 2005
a portuguese person, not necessarily a derogatory term, is often used by portuguese people to refer to each other.
All those chops aren't in school today, I wonder if it's portugal's independence day...
by anonymous February 22, 2004
A lo-fi rock band from Western Pennsylvania.
Chop it up now!

Do the Chop.
by Karen February 16, 2004
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