A Hawaiian term for smoking Marijuana.
Obama and his friends at the Punahou School in Hawaii called themselves the “Choom Gang” — choom means smoking weed — and drove around in a Volkswagen bus called the “Choomwagon.”
by Scorpius101 May 26, 2012
To get high. It seems (to me) that the word probably derives from the Spanish verb "chumar," which can refer to intoxication by everything from alcohol to hallucinogens, and which derives from "achuma," the mescaline-containing San Pedro cactus native to the high, dry areas of South America. Conjugation: chumo, chumas, chuma, chumamos, chumaís, chuman. "Estoy chumando duro" = "I'm tripping hard."
A self-selected group of boys (including Barack Obama) at Punahou School who loved basketball and good times called themselves the Choom Gang. Choom is a verb, meaning “to smoke marijuana.”
by Hypodermic Noodle February 10, 2014
1. The loud crashing, whooshing sound made when water is thrown on a fire or something else which is very hot, also resulting in a large poof of steam.

2. Can also be used to describe any similar sound - kind of a POOF! or a WHOOMPH! type o' thing.
1. You know, Im thinkin o' makin some smores. Any o' youse gonna want so <CHOOM!!!> WOAH shit guys! I think the tide's comin in!

2. You know, Im thinkin o' makin some smores. Any o' youse gonna want so <CHOOM!!!> WOAH shit guys! My hand just exploded!
by Joolin November 30, 2007
Verb: to Vommit, Puke, or Barf. It also resembles the sound one makes when barfing.
noun: Vommit.
"Drinking that bottle of ipecac was a bad idea, now I'm gonna CHOOM!"

"I told you not to eat that! Now you got choom all over evrything!"
by Silvar February 03, 2009
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