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n. tall bastard who resembles a penis
Dude, your zipper is open. I can see your winzor.
by winsor March 13, 2003
A hub cap on a wire in front of the internet cafe known as The Arena. Arena Patrons Bob,Nick,Matt and Winsor frequently run outside to ring the arena gong.
Winsor was hitting the arena gong when nicked kicked it and sliced winsors finger.
by Winsor April 25, 2003
1.Pretty Cool
2.The Coolest thing ever, Nothing is cooler then this
1. Oh well that was pretty swip.
2.OMFG Dude that was so swip!
by Winsor July 06, 2003
Man Spooge
AWWW shit he choomed in my eye!
by Winsor August 07, 2003

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