Main Entry: chonkey
Pronunciation: 'chong-kE
Function: noun
Date: 2002
1 : someone or something dope and phat or broadly badical or especially superior
2 : filled with chonk
3 : all things woot.
4 : someone cool enough to permit to use your toilet.
- chonk�i�ly /-k&-lE/ adverb
Let's get chonkey with dem donkeys!!
by switchstance November 14, 2002
Top Definition
a chinese guy that acts white.
look at that chonkey hideing his math skills
by jeffrey November 10, 2004
an ellision of the phrase "a chocolate covered donkey," signifying a rare, uncommon, and slightly absurd combination, hybrid, or phenomenon.
"bologne-flavored yogurt? that's quite a chonkey, old bean"
by little lord faunterloy May 18, 2003
Sculpture of a donkey made out of pieces of shit.
Rather than sculpting Eeor out of clay, Johnny made a chonkey.
by JeremyP March 07, 2008
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