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2 definitions by switchstance

A dried up piece of poop, specifically one that has become crusty and white. Typically used to describe old cat turds but can be expanded to the whole spectrum of poop.
Is that a Baby Ruth or a durndel?!
by switchstance June 22, 2005
10 2
Main Entry: chonkey
Pronunciation: 'chong-kE
Function: noun
Date: 2002
1 : someone or something dope and phat or broadly badical or especially superior
2 : filled with chonk
3 : all things woot.
4 : someone cool enough to permit to use your toilet.
- chonk�i�ly /-k&-lE/ adverb
Let's get chonkey with dem donkeys!!
by switchstance November 14, 2002
12 21