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a vagina ,a stupid person, a jackass
I want to eat her chonch..That guy is a chonch...don't be a is a universal word just like fuck...
by oscar February 05, 2004
To vomit.
I was fine until I woke up randomly in the night and chonched over the side of the bed.
by Biggsull September 14, 2010
A annoying girl named alyssa usually breed in southern California...lose vajayjay
Alyssa is a fackin chonch!!
by mmlv May 06, 2010
A short very thick preferably Mexican female who wears spandex shorts with no underwear and tight shirt or blouse to expose everything she gots
Those chonchas at the club keepS looking at me like they wanna eat me alive, "I Love my Choncha !"
by ese wei April 28, 2011
-A yellow ooze that turns to crust.
Comes from a rotten Vag.

-A derogatory name used for people that are "easy" or "loose"

-A breed of horse

Steve- "Damn, that chonch is hot."

Brian- "You dont want any of those used goods"
by KyleDenuzzo December 04, 2008
pubic hair with really bad dandruff
"i was eating Toby's chonch out and huge white flakes kept at flying at me"
by Joanna Lesb June 15, 2008
The act of eating a Womens Cunt.
Damn, I had chonch for lonch today!
by EvIL GUMBI July 09, 2003

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