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Spanish slang for Camel Toe or female's crotch hump.
Wimpy, weak or chicken guy.
Also Pussy, Snatch, or Crotch
"Dang check out that chic's Chonch!"
"Dude your such a Chonch!"
by Jivetech November 14, 2007
Fucked up, Broken, Bad shape, Not good
"They broke into my house and took my computer, now I'm
really Jooxt!"
"If my old lady finds out, I'm Jooxt"
"My car won't run, it's all Jooxtified!"
"Dude your gonna get Jooxt if you don't hurry up!"
by Jivetech November 14, 2007
Remote control, Remote
"Pass me the Choom Choom"
"Have you seen the Choom Choom?"
by Jivetech November 14, 2007

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