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An alternative for the word 'chance'. Commonly used by One Direction's Niall Horan.
Niall: "We took a chonce"
Fan screaming: "WHAT THE FUCK IS A CHONCE"
by icedteapayne September 12, 2015
Niall's fucked up way of pronouncing "chance" in the song "18" by One Direction.
Niall: "We took a chonce, God knows we tried."
Niall: "weyhey."
by bluehairdontcare October 15, 2015
A word that Niall Horan says instead of chance. Some do not understand it means chance because we can't understand him.
We took a Chonce

What the fuck is a Chonce?!?!
by Master directioner October 25, 2015
A alternative word for chance said by Niall Horan because of his accent. One direction fans find it hilarious
Niall: we took a chonce

Liam: *leans over* i-its chance Niall
by liamssspaynetrain November 23, 2015
Chonce: Typically used by One Direction's Niall Horan trying to say ''chance''
Niall- ''We took a chonce.''
Fangirl (Directioner) ''Omg! I want a chonce, whatever that is!''
by YoungCoyote101 January 02, 2016
1. To rip someone off, or to be ripped off.

2. A person who rips people off, or takes advantage of others.

3. Failed to meet expectations.

4. Any disappointing situation.

Variant of chince.
"Dude, I got chonced."

"Don't buy from Johnny, he's a fucking chonce."

"Harewood Sevi has choncey slurpees."

"Tuck chonced-out again."
by Harewood English January 26, 2008
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